Overview Edit


6 sharp damage  8 speed  2 reach

2h  4 defense  265 durability

a tire iron mace with sharp objects, typically knife blades, fastened to the primary head of the tire iron, the tire iron halberd is a 2h melee weapon with a large reach and bleeding capabilities. The top head has been filed to a point as well. When wielded, it crits on power attacks to the head and causes minor bleed on crit or on abdomen strikes. It is capable of blocking and posesses an alternate attack versus standing targets, a jab at abdomen level dealing 117% damage, taking .5 seconds to reach attack and .275 seconds to return to standard combat. It posesses two special attacks, hard arc and lower cleave, in addition to a combo attack, constituted thusly; standard attack, alternate attack, hard arc (triggered during alternate attack). A successful combo results in a flat +4 damage bonus, a one second stagger, and bleeding.

Crafting Edit

The tire iron halberd can be crafted by affixing two sharp objects (such as knives or knife blades) to the head of a tire iron mace using two binding agents (such as string, rope, electrical wires, or duct tape).

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