Overview Edit


4 / 5 blunt damage  12 / 8 speed  1 reach

1h or 2h  3 / 2 defense  220 durability

a simple tire iron. An effective low-level weapon with later potential as a crafting item. When wielded one handed, it crits on the head and staggers on the legs. It is also capable of a powerful combo attack, constituted thusly; simple attack, leg stagger, head power attack. A successful combo results in a two second stagger and a flat +4 damage bonus. When wielded two handed, it crits on the head, gains bonus critical damage, and becomes capable of a special attack. The special attack, hard arc, takes .9 seconds to reach attack; the wielder hoists the tire iron above their head and brings it down powerfully in front of them, dealing 180% damage and staggering their target for .6 seconds; half of a second passes before the Hunter recovers from the swing and returns to standard combat.

Crafting Edit

As a crafting component Edit

The tire iron is a component in the tire iron mace, along with a handle (constituted of either one long stick or two short sticks) and two binding agents (included, but not limited to, string, rope, electrical wires, and duct tape).

Sources Edit

One tire iron is found in a backpack in the final clearing of the Far West American Basin, shortly before the gates to the Old National Preserve, just east of the gutted truck.

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