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Magnetic norths are small robotic beings found most commonly in natural and remote areas, though they can occasionally be found in urban and suburban areas as well. They are roughly cuboctahedral in shape and appear to be quite shoddily assembled. Their purpose is unknown, as is their origin. They are low level enemies, and usually are not aggressive save for in low level areas, such as the Far West American Basin. They drop scrap metal, electrical wires, elemental copper and iron, and (uncommonly) low to mid-low level useful items. Magnetic norths appear to communicate with each other via synthesized tones.

A unique variant of the magnetic north, the magnetic Rose, is found atop the basin walls of the Far West American Basin, overlooking a roving pack of magnetic norths below.

Magnetic norths fight entirely with a ranged attack, firing bolts of energy in bursts of three. Each bolt deals a significant amount of damage (five), but due to their poor accuracy, the effectiveness of their attacks are reduced. However, since magnetic norths are commonly encountered in groups, it is quite possible for them to kill a low level Hunter in a matter of seconds, especially if most of their attacks land. It is recommended for low level Hunters to equip accessible wooden armor when dealing with magnetic norths, as wooden armor will reduce the damage from their electrical attacks by 60%.

Locations Edit

Magnetic norths are a common encounter in many areas, including but not limited to

  • the Far West American Basin. Three are found in the second clearing, along with the magnetic Rose.
  • the Old National Preserve. Several non-aggressive magnetic norths roam the foot of the mountain.

Drops Edit

  • 1-3x scrap metal, commonly
  • 1x electrical wires, commonly
  • 1-3x copper (elemental), uncommonly
  • 1-3x iron (elemental), rare

Trivia Edit

The magnetic north draws its name from the lines of "Counterfeit Florida Plates" by the American band the Mountain Goats.

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