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Holden Thomas Thorpe, known more commonly as H. Tom Thorpe, is the name of an American poet. It is not currently known if Thorpe is alive, though he is known to have lived before the dread tragedy. During his career, he published several dozen books of poetry totaling just over six thousand published poems. Though mostly unknown to the public throughout his career, Thorpe's works influenced many young writers (including Thomas Hadford), some of whom went on to achieve mainstream success. In the wake of the dread tragedy, Thorpe became something of a mythical figure after his poetry fell into the hands of various tribals, ascending to folk hero status whose presence is said to alter the fabric of the world around him. Thorpe's influence can be felt throughout the mystery of the Ivy Tower - it is said by some that Thorpe passed through the Ivy Tower, or perhaps that he stayed there for a few nights, his presence eventually causing the mysterious occurrences.

Biography Edit

H. Tom Thorpe was born in the American Coalition a few decades before the dread tragedy, where he received basic schooling, before leaving the Coalition to study at the Adina Benatan Conservatory.

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