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Goblins are low-to-mid level monsters encountered throughout the world. Most goblins are not aggressive to Hunters, with a notable exception being the goblin in the first clearing of the Far West American Basin, who is typically the first goblin new Hunters will encounter. Goblins are known for having moderately high amounts of hitpoints and dealing considerable amounts of damage, especially and particularly to lower level Hunters. Despite this, many lower level players may seek out goblins to fight, as they are seen as a reliable source of scrap metal and lower level food items, most notably chicken nuggets. However, since magnetic norths are encountered as early as the Far West American Basin, it is recommended that magnetic norths be used to gather scrap metal more efficiently.

As a goblin inhabits an area close to the castle in the Far West American Basin, it is likely that goblins are one of the first monsters many new Hunters encounter.

Although many goblins appear to be carrying bronze weaponry and wearing bronze or copper armor, the only bronze weaponry goblins are able to drop is a broken bronze sword, and they drop no bronze or copper armor.

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Goblins can be found in all the following locations:

  • Far West American Basin

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Trivia Edit

  • The goblin's chef hat drop is a reference to goblins dropping chef's hats in the popular MMO RuneScape.
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