Overview Edit

The Far West American Basin is the first region new Hunters will traverse. As the name implies, it is a grassy basin, with a network of paths and clearings carving their way between the towering basin walls. Many of the basin walls are guarded by Lozikos, and some have stone walls built atop them, designed to force the Hunter to find ways around them. Atop the basin walls, vast stretches of plains can be seen, many of which cannot be reached, as Hunters attempting to explore them will be halted by Lozikos and forced back into the basin.

The history of the basin is largely unknown; it is assumed to have existed before the dread tragedy, but its bizarre formation - the basin floor is level with the ground outside the basin, whereas the floors of most basins would typically be lower than the surrounding ground - suggests it may not be perfectly natural in origin. Additionally, as Lozikos appear to express a heightened interest in the basin, it seems quite possible that the basin may somehow be linked to the dread tragedy. A large, seemingly abandoned castle-like edifice stands at the southern edge of the basin; its courtyards stretch up to the mouth of the path through which Hunters, upon finding themselves in the courtyard, begin their journey. The northernmost point of the basin culminates in a large gate, beyond which is the southwestern quadrant of the Old National Preserve. Messages found by a run down truck left by the gates in the basin seem to imply that the basin, or perhaps the castle, is a spot which attracts scavengers.

The basin contains a variety of monsters, the most common of which is the root and its variations, which are found in great number in all parts of the basin. Other monsters found in the basin include the magnetic north and magnetic Rose, the goblin, the dirt golem, the stony golem, and the ursus arcanis.

Primary Introductions Edit

The Far West American Basin is designed to introduce Hunters to some of the most fundamental concepts in A Danger: combat, crafting, chemistry, and puzzling. The area does so by providing Hunters with a small amount of combat

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