Overview Edit

Dirt golems are vaguely humanoid beings constructed from dirt and brought to life by a practitioner of magic. Many golems lack cognitive processes; they are more analogous to machines than to living things. Notable exceptions to this rule include Thomas Hadford, the Residing Beast of the Far West American Basin. In combat, dirt golems function similarly to earth golems, albeit with reduced combat proficiency. They are challenging fights for low level Hunters; the first dirt golem in the Far West American Basin is commonly regarded as a miniboss among players, due to its difficulty (stemming from its high per-hit damage, difficult-to-avoid attacks, and high health) and the valuable loot it protects. Despite its difficulty, the dirt golem is a valuable target because it is an excellent source of dirt, which can be used to create mud, which can be fashioned into equipment which is useful for low-level Hunters. The dirt golem also may drop effective low-mid armor and weaponry.

Locations Edit

Dirt golems are found in all the following locations:

  • Far West American Basin, in a secluded clearing near the tent.

Drops Edit

  • 2-12x dirt, commonly
  • 1x paperaxe, uncommonly
  • 1x iron ingot, rarely
  • 1x copper I phosphide, rarely
  • 2-4x silicone (elemental), uncommonly
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