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Basilisks are a range of species of large dragon-like reptiles, found across the world. Most species of basilisk are solitary in nature, and despite their fearsome appearance and combat capabilities, are herbivorous. Basilisks, especially the basilisk in the Far West American Basin, are notorious for their ability to easily kill low level Hunters very quickly, but have valuable drops which act as crafting components for strong early game weapons, as well as being a source of coal (though for early game players, Lozikos may prove to be a better source of coal, as Lozikos lack the fire damage dealt by the three-toed basilisk in the Basin).

Basilisks frequently drop basilisk hide, a versatile and valuable early game crafting component which is often farmed for the purpose of creating enough basilisk leather to create a bed, saving the player's progress.

Locations Edit

Basilisks are found in most mid to mid-late areas of the game, but weaker varieties such as the three-toed basilisk can be found as early as the Far West American Basin.

  • One three-toed basilisk is found in the Far West American Basin.

Varieties Edit

Three-toed basilisk Edit

The three-toed basilisk is a green variety of basilisk capable of breathing fire and a powerful bite which deals more damage per attack than nearly all other sources in its introduction area, the Far West American Basin. It boasts a high amount of hitpoints and its fire breath, though dealing a small amount of damage on impact, causes burning which increases its damage output by 125% over the next five seconds. Despite its fire damage capabilities, the three-toed basilisk does not resist fire damage. This variety of basilisk drops basilisk teeth and basilisk hides, two of the components for crafting basilisk daggers.

Drops Edit

  • 1x basilisk hide, commonly
  • 2x basilisk hide, commonly
  • 2x gold (elemental), uncommonly
  • 1x rotten dagger, uncommonly
  • 1x imperfect basilisk tooth, uncommonly
  • 1x coal, uncommonly
  • 1x pristine basilisk tooth, rarely
  • 1x methanol, rarely
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